Six Things

1. I have better relationships with Mr. GAIN’s cousins and my mom’s cousins than they do. I actually meet and talk to them. And I’m really really good at remembering names and I like genealogy.

2. I used to edit and write a home school support group monthly newsletter. I think I did it for two years. With my solar car experience, I was able to boost the professionalism of it by leaps and bounds. Sadly, I have very few samples left.

3. We were in Amway for a few years. We thought it would be right to support Mr. GAIN’s parents’ efforts, since it was not illegal or immoral. It had pros and cons. We learned a lot — about ourselves, about relationships, and about really good (diapers, dish soap) and really bad (diet food, cold cereal) products.

OK, that’s it for now. I don’t have the brain cells for three more tonight. Maybe by Thursday.

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