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A five and half hour car ride deserves a good knit project, something to keep you awake. My answer was the Little Arrowheads dishcloth. I do not have a link right now since I’m not home, but I believe the pattern is at a website dedicated to knitted dishcloth patterns. I could not see the arrowheads for the life of me in the van, but the kids said that they could see arrowheads from the back. I see them, but they really remind me of tree branches.

I also started another dishcloth on the road. Before I talk about it, I want to share why I am making more dishcloths. You probably know me and my goal of seven dishcloths. One for each day of the week. You probably did not know that we always wash the car before we go on a long trip. Unless it is to a dusty campground. Or a muddy one. So 1/2 of GAIN is washing the car with me. We are using about twenty gallons total from the rain barrel, and about done, when the other 1/2 of GAIN comes out to the garage and decides that they should all wash their bicycles. With whatever is left in the drawer. That would be my first two knitted dishcloths, gifted to me at my wedding shower. When they finished, the dishcloths were stained with grease and black tire marks. Of course, I cannot replace those ones with duplicates. I decided to upgrade. I think the Little Arrowheads cloth will make and hold suds really well.

The second dishcloth I have is in a pattern called Ball Band. We have renamed it Bricks since all of GAIN and I cannot figure out its name. “Band” is pretty obvious, but “Ball?” I did not need very much Color A at all to make this. I hope this means that all those little scraps of yarn will be headed for good use in the future via “Bricks.” Everyone like the way it looks, too. The sides are not even, and if I had consistently moved the Colors A and B up rows when not in use, I think the sides would still be uneven. Crocheted edges are suggested in the pattern. I haven’t decided if I want to leave the dishcloth with tilt-a-whirl edges. I finished this dishcloth yesterday, and have a third started, also in “Bricks.” I have high hopes for this dishcloth holding more water than the lacy ones.

2 thoughts on “Off the Sticks”

  1. The Ball Bands do hold more water. I have one from a dishcloth swap and it is one of my favorites 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear your dish cloths got ruined! The new ones look pretty cool though- I’m impressed! I hope you had a good vacation!

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