I am S L O W

Yes, I am slow. My brain is still on vacation. I just watched my first Olympics of the year (four days late). I haven’t registered my kid at the junior high yet to pay his art fee (over a week late). I haven’t finished my dishcloths (whew! no deadline). And I never showed my headband on this blog (over a month late).

I am posting a photo of a headband that I made the last week of June, done over a couple of late nights in WI. I think you can find the pattern here. Look for “knit head wrap.” Comments on the head band: It is WIDE. Because my hair isn’t thick or full, but stick straight and fine, I would make the connecting piece in the back (under my hair) narrower. The width nicely holds my bangs without showing their ends. I like the circles. I like using leftover yarn. I think it looks crocheted.

I am also showing the ‘bricks’ dishcloths (pattern here). I did some testing: I edged one side of one cloth in garter stitch. A crocheted edge was suggested. But I wanted to match the border of the pattern. And I can’t seem to follow directions well. (However, before I knew Mr. GAIN really well, I was a strict rule-follower.) It seems to stabilize the edge in a tolerable way, so I will continue in my slow pace to trim all of the edges of my dishcloths in garter stitch.

Do you like the banding? I think the color changes are kind of J. Crew. Would that make my kitchen preppy? The color combo on the white cloth are partly suggested by my oldest and my niece, and partly my desire to be original (I think this began in 4th grade).

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