Exasperation with Schedules

We are testing out our schedules — three dual enrollments at the local schools, driving to and from gymnastics class, and figuring out how full-time high school and athletics fit into our lifestyle, all at the same time. We’ll try to work in our park day this week to see how well it fits, along with quarter- or half-time schoolishness to keep the kids from fighting due to boredom. Yes, they fight when they are bored, so enter the scroll saw and yard work. A picture will come tomorrow.

1 thought on “Exasperation with Schedules”

  1. I don’t know how you do it! I’m exasperated already and we’re just getting our feet wet with preschool, karate, Faith Formation, story time, etc. and that’s just with 2 kids! I can’t imagine your calendar with 4 kids!

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