Our crafty week

The results of our crafty week:

Home school gathering. Decorating pencil bags. “G” turns his green bag into camo — the miracle of fabric markers. “I” turns her pink bag into girliness thanks to sticky felt flowers and puff paint.

“I” had her birthday. Two crafts of note. Since the kids all get their (homemade) food of choice on their special day, we had to make “enchanted unicorn horns” for breakfast. An enchanted unicorn horn is a sugar cone (for ice cream) dipped in almond bark, dipped in sugar. Obnoxious (and probably noxious to some). So this is breakfast. The recipe came from The Princess Cookbook that she received for Christmas.
For his gift to his sister, “N” of GAIN took a stick (she LOVES sticks and has special relationships/memories with them), took the bark off of it (quite difficult and time consuming), then used the scroll saw to remove the twig stubs, and sanded it. She loved it. Maybe we should give up shopping for her in the future.

Next crafty thing was finishing the chenille scarf. I had the yarn left from a failed project and decided that it should be a scarf. It is not smooth, so it doesn’t show cables even though I put a few in; it worked up stiffer than I imagined, but acted as I thought it should with the purl ridges I designed. It is soft and warm. “N” took this photo of me this morning (no makeup, Vickie!). You can’t really tell that my hair is shorter, but I had it cut last week — chin length with layers.

The last crafty item is a gift for my godson. I failed in my first attempt for his sister — I just need to spend some mental time to create a better fitting pattern. It works out to be very cute in my head. LOL But the godson gift is a fairly mindless pattern in a divine combo of yarn. It is SO SOFT — cashmere, baby llama, merino, microfiber. I followed the pattern, but hope that I have enough yarn. You never can tell with handknits. I usually knit larger than the recommended gauge. So if needed, I’ll rip it out and work it up with smaller needles in order to budget the yarn. I cannot get more of it — the one store closed and the other is in WI. And there are dye lots to consider. It is very fast (the “mindless” factor), so I’m not worried. I have the first half very close to done after half a day of off and on working. It will be completely done tomorrow. (I know when to say when!) Here it is earlier today:

You might notice the playing card to the side. It came from LEGO Creator, a board game that involves building things with bricks.

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