why is the picture turned? I do not know.

this is the fingerless glove mentioned earlier — I’ve since finished the thumb and am on to the second fingerless glove. This is for my older son. It is definitely big on me, so it will fit him now and when he grows (again).

I changed the pattern of “dashing” a little for this project. For one, I have one skein of yarn, and am unsure how much yarn I’ll end up using since it is not the same as used in the pattern. Two, I cannot get more yarn as the shop is out of state and the yarn came from the clearance area (of course). Also, two cable rounds is plenty! How long do you need your gloves to be? I thought “A” made really long gloves, and this pattern suggests about 3″ longer than hers! I gotta draw the line somewhere. The shorter length will sacrifice the cool closing of the cable, but like I said, I gotta a draw a line.

“dashing” is certainly easier than his sister “fetching” — no picot edging (you can’t see it anyway), less cabling (not to mention that I have much smaller hands than the pattern and had to make two test runs before getting it right), but that is okay. they like things that are different from everyone else, but not overworked to craziness. guys don’t want to be made fun of.

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