quilling on my own, part 2

Just noting that blogger’s photo rotation sucks, I’ve looked in their help area to no avail and want control over my own images again! I cannot find a way to contact blogger, so I don’t know if I’ll get to ask blogger people about this problem soon. I’ll keep searching. Control over the rotation is that important to me.

I made one and a half quilled snowflakes tonight. I like quilling for the same reason that I like knitting. You do not need many supplies to get the job done. Just paper strips, the quilling tool, and a little glue. A little spot on a table and I’m all set. Sewing and scrapbooking are such space-hogging crafts.

I thought I would make hearts tonight, but in the process of manipulating one strip of paper, I ended up with a lopsided shape. I like asymmetry a lot, so I made all of the would-be hearts into this shape. I moved them together to get an idea of how the snowflake would look. I would need to alter the shape in order to get the strength I wanted (these will be ornaments for the Christmas tree). I puffed them out to look like this.

I really like this look. They make a nice shape altogether. I am waiting to see if inspiration strikes again later when I go to finish this flake.

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  1. Oh, your little quilled heart is so cute! I used to love to quill. Maybe I will pick that back up when I am old(er) and grey(er)! Can’t wait to see a project you create with quilling!

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