Honey and Mud

“A” of GAIN put her first honey harvest in jars this evening. It tastes great and she is very proud. Beekeeping has been a mostly positive experience, and we’ve gotten signs that others will start beekeeping now that she has knowledge and can serve as a mentoring resource.

“G” of GAIN has been asking for wattle for a month. Since we are currently studying the explorers (Columbus Day, you know), wattle and daub have not been topics of conversation. He must be remembering his free readings that started during his preschool days.

We’ve checked our willow sources and the trees just are not ready to give to him yet. When I cut down all the suckers from our apple tree a couple days ago, he used them to start a wattle and daub wall for his tree house. Today, he and “I” made the daub. It looks really good. Their clothes, not too bad.

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