Crafting while it’s dark

Yes, it is dark here without daylight savings time. The girls and I started making Christmas cards. I was invited to a Stampin’ Up! party a while ago, and it really motivated me to stamp. I’ve always shied from stamping for many reasons, but it seems right to start now. With my $1.99 stamps from the “cheap” area of a big franchise store and a bunch of cardstock and embellishments that I already had for an embarrassingly long time, we’ve made enough cards to send to Matt’s cousins and a few of my cousins.

We have a ways to go yet, but I found a handy cardboard shoe box that is just the right size for storing everything. I turned some index cards into file cards to separate the half finished cards from the completely finished cards. I was happy to see the girls turn up the creativity. I just put things in front of them, and next thing I knew, they were getting their own stashes out to use on the cards. I have a picture, just haven’t moved it from the camera.

1 thought on “Crafting while it’s dark”

  1. It’s nice to be scrapping again. I haven’t done any pictures in over a year! I dug out all my stuff last night and started working on an ABC book for Brodie for Christmas. It was refreshing to be doing it again if only for a short time.

    I love the cards. I hope to have time to do that some day. It is cool the girls are interested.

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