While we were at the State Historical Museum this morning, “I” of GAIN had a nice talk with a group of weaving and spinning ladies. We were going through the “Mud” exhibit and the ladies had a break from lec-dem-ing the herds of school kids that day. They were surprised and pleased to know that Ella had a loom like theirs. They also had many examples and pictures to show.

The photo shows someone using a drop spindle. When she said that Ancient Egyptians had drop spindles, “N” of GAIN proceeded to recite all the historical cultures he could remember that also used a drop spindle.

We got to feel some exotic fibers like musk ox (extremely soft) and long hair rabbit (really warm and cuddly) before a group of school kids came through. We are going to build on this experience at home by hand spinning cotton and wool and comparing their strengths as spun and unspun.

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  1. Your so creative and come up with amazing ideas. Your talented.

    On a side note, tell Ella I love her hair!

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