Quilling Update

I am almost finished! I have 19 snowflakes done. I will need to make about ten more – five for my kids and I, and five to allow for choices. Unless I make German/Moravian star ornaments that are all identical, I’d like to give the kids, one at a time or via their mothers, the chance to choose one out of a lot to keep.

I changed my quilling plans for the name I drew for Christmas. I just don’t know that I have the patience for a big project. I already bought the paper, and have used some of it for the snowflakes, and that is OK since paper doesn’t really go bad or expire. It’s archival quality, so the colors should stay true. I will need to get more white quilling paper, though. The last batch of flakes took at least three strips of paper each. Using more paper frustrates me supply-wise, but pleases me product-wise. Good thing the paper is easy and cheap to get.

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  1. Very nice work. I love that each one is so different. You can see that you do have patience as even quilling snowflakes can take a while to do well.

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