Extending the hat

The godson’s hat was lengthened this weekend — the white, cream, and brown stripes at the bottom make an additional 3″ of hat than what he had. It fits me now, so it should work for him. Extending his sister’s hat is next.

The ‘smelting’ for Christmas gifts is progressing, but waiting for materials can be hard. “I” of GAIN will be using a few fabric scraps. “A” of GAIN has her ‘up-cycling’ materials and is waiting for me to take her shopping for supplies. The boys and I will be ‘up-cycling’ some things that people usually throw away. Upcycling trash coincides nicely with our usual Christmas gift-making. I can post those items after they’ve been given.

Since our Metro Waste Authority (MWA) class, we’ve been earnest in our efforts to “reduce.”
Reducing is the biggest concern that MWA has. Reusing and recycling are nice, but there is honestly a limited amount of room in a landfill. We hope to visit the site next year when my youngest turns 9, the minimum age allowed. (Why? We don’t know. Ames didn’t have the age restriction ten years ago. Another why question: Why are there only two plants in America that turn their trash into fuel/electricity?)

If you have large single layer corrugated cardboard boxes, call me. I am in need.

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  1. Your family makes such cool things! My kids keep asking me to teach them to knit. I have to learn how first!

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