G of GAIN has honored the Blue Man Group through a gingerbread homage.

N of GAIN and I made a cheeseball from scratch after wanting to make cheese for over a year. It got rave reviews.

The next picture is the wrist warmers (see the previous post) on a model, the younger brother of the gifted. Definitely longer when worn by a younger person. I can always add length.

The last picture is special because it shows that no late night smelting occurred, which is probably a first. See all the light coming through the window? After this many years, we may be getting close to semi-pro smelting status. I didn’t even have to help Mr. GAIN with the sewing machine, except to thread the needle.

1 thought on “Smelting”

  1. GP & GM Campbell

    So proud of all our family. they are all special. Each with a different talent. Love these Blogs. Gramps

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