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Smelting, cont’d.

Tonight, we revealed our smelts. For Scott, a magazine rack. I cut and glued 80 pieces of corrugated cardboard to make it.

For Lisa, Mr. GAIN made a backpack. We had some upholstery fabric left from gift that G of GAIN made in 2007. The children all did a nice job making gifts for their cousins. G made a necklace and matching earrings, N made a bottle cap belt, A made a pop can tab belt, and I of GAIN painted two boxes filled with a wee girl and candy. And everyone got a quilled snowflake ornament.

The cheese ball was a success. N of GAIN and I used organic garlic from Turtle Farm and chives from our garden.

2 thoughts on “Smelting, cont’d.

  1. Oooooh, you’re all so talented! Love the magazine rack. Did you find that design online somewhere?

  2. No. I saw a picture in an old magazine (no longer published). I definitely had to think before making any moves to create the rack.

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