Handmade Holidays

Two of the handmade holiday gifts that I received.

First a note about these pics. I can intuitively figure out the functions on my camera, but it is so different from my old camera that I get stuck comparing the two during use. So bear with me not making the best use of it with the different lighting situations. I need to practice using it. Which would mean homework. I really don’t like homework. I may use the old camera for still photos like these. I think I just miss the extra toggle switch.

On to the gifts. My BIL made a tray for me. It is an old satellite dish decoupaged with oak leaves. If you have seen my front porch, you’ll understand how much I will use this. The edging of the dish is a black rubber seal of some sort.

I also received a struesel coffee cake in a jar from my sis. It looked really cute in its package. Alas, it was emptied before photos were taken. The little spatula in the pan is also new from her, but not handmade by her. It was a great cake. My younger son asked if coffee was an ingredient. 4/6 of the family is sick right now, so I think only two or three of us ate any. I probably ate half of it over the course of the day.

I got more handmade gifts, but I’m not happy with the pictures (see above). I’ll try to figure out the manual settings on this camera. But maybe not.

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