Handmade Holidays

I got ornaments this year. My SIL did a fantastic job with photos — the back of a relevant photo has a pattern printed on it. The one in the photograph is a picture of my kids at the cabin on the lake. The ornament uses two brads and ribbon. I love it. The light shining through the hollow space is very pretty to see at night. I think I ended up with five of these ornaments, all with a different pattern on the back — one for each child plus one for Mr. GAIN and me.

My business partner, in her effort to join our family smelting, made a cross stitch ornament. She was pretty excited to see the different gifts that we all opted to make. I think the time spent in thought and effort is similar to buying gifts, but there is something about smelting that says “You are extra-special.”

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  1. GP & GM Campbell

    Great & real challenging to make your gifts. The photo one sounds rally great. Will be anxious to see it.

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