Handmade Holidays

Handmade ornaments — a close up of the photo ornament so you can see the lovely paper on the reverse side.

We also received dough ornaments from my sister‘s family. Nothing says “I’m a kid!” better than these. I always smile at ornaments that were obviously handmade by a child.

Lastly, I have a bird. Usually I choose a feathered bird ornament for myself during the after-Christmas sales. I started this to replace the feathered bird ornaments of my youth since they had begun to show their age. I read some blogs and found Mister Bluebird. He seemed really cute in the photos, so I hand stitched one while watching TV one night. I haven’t decided if Mr. Bluebird is right for me. Perhaps with different fabric. What do you think? I still have time to shop for one with feathers, don’t I?

2 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays”

  1. Leah/ Texas/ United States

    it’s cool how you can see the reflection of people in the ornament. i also love the red bird ornament, so simple but effective. thanks for stopping by my blog – happy new year!

  2. GP & GM Campbell

    What fun all of this is, have a recipe for body lotion made with baby lotion Vitamin E & Vaseline. might be a great home gift idea just find some baby food jars to put it in. We will try to find a few ideas to pass along.
    Love ya, Grandma

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