I won!

I’ve gotten two nice things today and I wanted to group them into one post. So the award you see to the left was for my geocaching blog, but I’m moving it here selfishly for efficiency. The “One Lovely Blog Award” comes from Maria. I follow her blog, and we get together every now and then as sisters-in-law. I grew up in the house she currently lives in, and the woods in her backyard gave me the beginnings of some very good life skills, such as observation and attention to small things. Which leads me to the other nice thing.

The other nice thing was this message:

Hi there,

Congratulations! You are one of the five winners of a Jewelry charm (3 vintage bird brass dome setting kit) from Craftsanity.com‘s episode 91 sponsor, Nostalgems. Please forward your full name and address and we’ll send the kit within a week.

Jasmin (Rina’s assistant)

(Facebook Page – add yourself as a fan for future specials)

How did this happen? Well, I like to listen to podcasts and read blogs and idea surf while I wait for the kids to fall asleep, such as this one at CraftSanity. I just cannot work with their distracting noise. Does crazy quilting make me nuts? If I can work without kid noise, no. But I go crazy when I can hear the conversations and bickerings at night. That is why showers, which beautifully drown all kid noise away, are my preference for bathing.

Anyway, if you left a creative comment at the CraftSanity blog, you might win the bird charms shown on the page listed above. Well, I thought really hard about why I really liked them, and now, I, who rarely wins a thing, won the heart of Nostalgems:

Comment from juliecache
Time: January 1, 2009, 10:39 pm

These charms would go on my charm bracelet in remembrance of my maternal grandmother, who taught me all of my bird identification skills at the age of three. I received the books she taught me with a couple years ago and I treasure them. These charms would make it easier to see the birds than a book or backyard sighting (especially in winter here in Iowa).


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