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I started reading the blog at Sew, Mam, Sew! this fall, which got me interested in Amy Butler. After listening to a very interesting interview with her at CraftSanity, I decided to visit her website. I learned there that her fabric is sold in Valley Junction. Since it’s my birthday, I dropped in with my 8 yo to see what inventory Quilt Junction carried at what price range. “I” asked to look at the fabric on the other side of the store. After a little while, I hear,

“Mom? Can I make my own quilt?”

I think this is quaint, wholesome, traditional, unschooly, and all sorts of positive. “A” made her quilt at around the same age, inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We ended up buying fabric at another store, as we were waiting for “G” to finish art class.

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  1. GP & GM Campbell

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Have thought about you & Katie all day. Have great one…
    Love you Grandma & Gramps

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