Prayer Shawl

Our parish re-started a Prayer Shawl Ministry in the fall, thanks to a high school alumnus. We’re a small yet consistent group of people. Here is my current work in progress (WIP), created with Lion Brand Homespun. I am knitting a plain garter stitch on size 13 needles, using two skeins of the color Antique and one skein of Nouveau (the random stripe). Although our current request list is shawls for children, I would like this shawl to be for a man or woman. This will be my second prayer shawl for the ministry. I try to begin work with a prayer and think positive thoughts while knitting. When I complete it, I’ll attach a nice tag and sign it, sending my positive prayers along with it.

I hadn’t used Homespun since the godson hoodie sweater. Once you figure out the tension needed to use this yarn, knitting with it is a snap. Figuring out the tension can take a little while. In fact, I know a few people have thrown Homespun in the trashcan, never making it out of the “figure it out” period.

I want to talk a little about needles here. My last shawl was made with a pair of aluminum needles, probably the first ones I bought for “A” of GAIN Academy. That means I wanted a minimum investment until I knew the hobby was a lasting, not a passing, one. I can’t stand them. The yarn slips off them and they make a noise that bugs me. I cannot say that I am a fan of plastic, but the needles in the picture here, also an early (cheap) purchase, are wonderfully quiet. They are warm and quiet. I think all of my wooden needles are wonderful to touch. However, I have no long wooden needles. I haven’t shopped for long needles, but now I wonder if I have ever seen long wooden needles. I’ll have to pay attention the next time I shop.

Two items of crafty news from the weekend: I am still crazy quilting, but I think I’m going to quit. An empty scrap drawer just won’t happen right now. I want to be done and move on. I’ll size up everything and think about a quilt top, batting, and backing this week.

I was able to finish my sister‘s drapes this afternoon. It was a quick job. If I can finish something quickly, I am very pleased. So I was happy. She and my SIL and my mom also gave me rocking birthday gifts this evening. I am multiple times happy.

Next potential WIP: cloth napkins. The goal is

25¢ per napkin. So I have some math to do before hitting the remnant baskets at the stores.

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  1. knitpicks has fabulously pretty wooden needles and in long lengths. I’m currently not buying them due to a money diet BUT my friend in CA just posted a note that they are as nice as they look to use.

    I found a couple of yards of plain flannel in the remnant bin once. It makes great napkins 🙂

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