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I rarely shop. With my birthday this week, I’ve ventured out more than usual, and noticed a couple things. First, I hated Hancock Fabrics turning into a KMart a couple years ago. Now it has changed again — they sell ready made clothing and shoes, now in an upscale, non-KMart interior. Ugh. Isn’t this a fabric store? Or broader yet, a craft store? Home dec was kind of a niche, with coordinating fabrics, but really, this is going a little far. Next, they’ll probably get flat screen TV’s running in every corner, playing ads and infomercials. (“G” thinks flat screens at stores are the biggest waste.)

Second, “G” of GAIN really enjoys shopping. He always want to go with me to any store, even if we’re not buying a thing. We went to Target and saw these lovely decorative balls. If you have a large bowl on your table, you may want to fill it with these easily smelt-able items — balls that were painted, then covered with little slices of twigs. The boys and I have always joked about harvesting bundles of grasses and reeds for $20 mark-up — at least these things show a little brainwork, labor, and crafting. I have no idea what is going on with the world and its decorating taste. If you want to surround yourself with nature, just go outside.

I’ve thought much on the cloth napkin idea. It’s percolated sincerely since our Metro Waste class, Throwing It All Away, But Where Is Away? My target price for a roll of paper towels (napkins) is one dollar. Maria remembers her clearance napkins being 54 cents. I hoped that I could find 25 cent napkins — a cotton fat quarter, full price at Hancock is $1.25. Mama B commented the other day that flannel is very nice for napkins. I was thinking that I could find flannel sheets at Goodwill and use one for my next WIP. Today, I found covet-worthy cloth napkins, woven, textured cotton that I like better than flannel, for $1.48 each, already beautifully finished at the store. There were A LOT of them. I will keep my eye on this situation since I live close to the store.

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  1. Julia, we’ve used cloth napkins for at least 15 years. If you watch carefully, sometimes you get get them on super-duper clearance (like 50 cents – $1) at TJMax, Kmart, Kohl’s, etc.
    They last forever, too. I still have some of my originals, though admittedly they are pretty ragged by now!
    I highly recommend going for it!

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