Giveaway Thoughts

I browsed everyone’s stashes and blogs and came to some conclusions. (See yesterday, or here for info on the giveaways.)

1. I am morally staying out of most giveaways that require international postage. I wasn’t paying attention to all of the hosts, so I have to say “most” instead of all. I just never paid attention to the originator’s location until I won the lovely Nostalgems charms (thank you for picking me!). The cost (in all value systems) of international postage is too high for my personal life. If I were building a business, then I might reconsider.

2. There are a lot of Australian and NZ crafting blogs! (I love the English language for uniting us.) If we Iowans want Australian things, maybe we could take our business to my IRL Iowa friend, Shannon. Our history goes back to 1985!

3. I think I ought to giveaway some stuff. I read about One World, One Heart and found it thought-provoking. I’ll let ideas simmer in my head for a while.

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