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I’m a Gingermonkey is hosting a stash-busting giveaway! All of us hoarding crafters can volunteer to declutter somebody’s stash (that sounds positive and not greedy, doesn’t it?). My fabric drawer has recently seen a reduction in its contents, I want to make some fabric napkins, our youngest will need more fabric for her quilt, timing seems good, price seems great, why not? Join me in the fun! I’m sure I’ll pay it forward in the days to come. That is how it works in bloggerland.

Crazy quilt update: I have a couple more rows of blocks to create. The small pieces of fabric are all used up. I broke out a few bigger remnants. Feeling good to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I” of GAIN update: I got a Felicity’s Craft Book a while back. Unsure if it was donated to me or bought. “I” had to keep her feet up and rest yesterday (we’ll be shopping for new snow boots), read through the book, and has done a couple crafts from the book. She has the pincushion almost done. Actually, she is waiting for me to buy some poly fill. I needed some in December for my Mr. Bluebird, but used fabric scraps. She wants soft poly fill because it is a gift. She learned the backstitch.

Her first quilt block is coming along nicely. She completed a row of 3 patches while I was out of the house yesterday. I was surprised, but really, it’s not a difficult activity, so why not do it yourself instead of wait for Mom?

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