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I unstacked my blocks, spread them on Mr. GAIN‘s old bed sheet from high school (conveniently printed with a 2″ x 2″ grid), and figured that 54 blocks will work. I swapped seven or six blocks with a tiny edge of fabric for blocks with beefier edges. And the one block I had under the presser foot, I didn’t finish. It would have looked very different from all the rest, but there is no need for another block on this project. Perhaps another project.

I then took a short amount of time cutting 2″ x 2″ blocks, mostly from two colors of fabric. Love the rotary cutter and self-healing mat. Very time-efficient and accurate. Bought them years ago as a special package. I knew that I had a great deal when people in line behind me were happy for me and congratulating me on my purchase. 🙂

I rolled up the sheet with the blocks on it, and spent time looking at my leftover fabric to decide what “frames” I could have. Brown is what I had a lot of. A left over All Saints Day costume from long ago. Not a thrilling color, but my goal is to spend zero dollars. Or close to it. Especially since no one in my house currently needs a quilt. I just need to create something useful with all my junk.

As for the junk: My top drawer of remnants looks nice. My bottom drawer, not as nice, but not packed full like it was. Everything is still cramped in there, though. I have a darker brown fabric that could supplement, but I haven’t much of it. I went ahead and cut brown rectangles. I’ll hopefully get time to lay everything out tomorrow and see what my purchasing needs, if any, are. For some reason, I have a lot of batting. I’ll have to see if there are scraps or untouched full cuts yet this evening.

I feel that I’m channeling my Great-Grandma Campbell and my Great-Aunt Shirley. It’s a comforting thought. They made a quilt for my high school graduation. I treasure it. Since it’s a one of a kind quilt and I’m such a messy person, I’ve rarely used it for fear that something bad would spoil it. I could never replace it.

2 thoughts on “Finish work”

  1. GP & GM Campbell

    Hope Aunt Shirley will get to see this it will really make her happy.
    Doing a great job look forward to the finished product. Love Grandma

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