Crazy Quilting

This photo is from a couple days ago. It’s probably half done now, so the length is half of a twin bed. I have no photo of it, but “I” of GAIN has finished her first nine patch quilt block. She is into Felicity, the American Girl, so sewing by hand has been her passion. You may rememer the pin cushion she made. She wants tomorrow to be as if we were in the year 1774. But maybe not the food.

Since I have identified a recipient, I am sincerely working every day on the quilt. I am also composing a letter in my mind to accompany the quilt. Here is the beginning:

Dear Caleb,

I am giving you this quilt because I want to pass happiness, fun, and warmth to you. I had a lot of leftover fabric from happy things. I wanted to keep all the leftovers for the happy memories they gave me. But what good would it be to keep them in a drawer where no one can see them?

Your quilt has a lot of happiness in it — pieces of past Halloween costumes, pajamas, hot pad holders and placemats (food makes me happy), pillow cases to brighten my family room, table runners for decorating around St. Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Days and Thanksgiving and Christmas, sofa and chair slip covers, and other quilts — for my children and for your brother. You’ll recognize the pieces that match Noah’s quilt. Some of the pieces in this quilt I bought just for fun.

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