Quick Pincushion

I have to read the blog for Sew, Mama, Sew! daily. February was their Fat Quarter month, in which projects made from fat quarters could be found, often with tutorials. I love that — quick and small is my speed! I thought a pin cushion would be nice. My mom had a strawberry and tomato pin cushion. The strawberry was attached to the tomato by a green floss “vine” and supposed to be filled with something to keep the needles sharp. Pins went in the big tomato filled with regular stuffing, like kapok. Think old school life jackets.

You really cannot see the colors great in these photos. The top is recent purchase — a lovely calico from the clearance bin. The bottom is a heavy tie-dye flannel for a non-slip surface. Buttons and floss I already had. The top looks quite Oriental in its color combo — teal fabric, orange floss, fuschia button. I went to this tutorial for instructions. Using the pin cushion is much quicker than using the box my pins were stored in, even with the curved interior.

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  1. GP & GM Campbell

    It is so fun to see what is going on in all the different Blogs. I check every day to see what is new. Thank You for being part of my life. Gramps

  2. GP & GM Campbell

    Beautiful They are really pretty! We do so enjoy the blogs. Keeps us feeling close. Will be home soon. Love, Grandma

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