Small Things

Since the crazy quilt top was done, I’ve been going a little stir crazy looking for things to occupy myself with, especially after dinner. I want to maintain the brain cell count. Little things have taken my time, including this prayer shawl and the beginning of a potholder.

Well, maybe it is now a coaster. Originally found here at a semi-worthwhile blog, which is an ad to buy their products, I made one basic block of it. The proposed project has you make 16 blocks. Note that I definitely made a mistake while working it up. The stitched on the diagonal line don’t lay right for the entire length. If I have to concentrate so much that I cannot listen to the TV, then I call it quits. I even used my row counter — one digit for the row number and one for the number of knit stitches before the diagonal line decrease. I really wanted to just make a new dishcloth, but you know, the brain cell thing. The prayer shawl certainly is not going to help the brain cell count stay at its current level.

I also made a small pillow with two new fabric remnants that I bought. I started with the intent to have a cute pin cushion, but it is so huge that it has to be a doll pillow. Anyone have a dolly in need of a cute two-tone four-patch pillow?

I’ve come to reckon with the remnants left from the crazy quilt. It’s all flannels, appropriate only for newborns. I might ask Blank Hospital if I can make something for them with it. They were great when our youngest was there with croup four or five years ago.

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  1. I have nothing to say but great things about Blank Hospital. We have always had great experiences there.

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