Happiness is today! It is St. Patrick’s Day. We used our two shamrock cookie cutters for the first time ever after years of ownership. (Sara, Mom gave us one in that huge box of cutters for Christmas.) 

Happiness as a crafter — I have been able to use my friend’s newer sewing machine with a walking foot to finish Caleb’s quilt. I had to run to the fabric store tonight to get a vanishing ink pen, which I found. I also found fat quarters for $0.25!!!! Perfect for the Christmas gifts that I determined last month. I also got more suiting than I could want for $0.86 and a muslin remnant that I would buy anyway for $1.40.

Yes, I already know what I am giving people for Christmas, due to Sew, Mama Sew‘s Fat Quarter February. I think I will end up making my own bias tape for the first time in my life to get spiffy results. I am all about spiffy and being non-conventionally conventional, which is what my bias tape will be. At least in my head. In reality, we’ll see.

I keep hoping that I’ll find a fat quarter cute enough to make a Buttercup Bag with. I think I’m shopping at the wrong store. I actually know where to find that cute fabric, but the designer $9/yard price tag scares me! But comparing the cost of a cute handbag at Target to the price of materials for Buttercup may not show a downside to $9/yard.

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