Bread Crafts

The Fiber Content Experiment has to wait until Friday. All of us will be home that day — the more, the merrier.

Now to share my photos from St. Joseph’s Day at the Italian-American Center. I didn’t post these earlier for a few reasons. One, I was not sure who to give credit to. Someone made these, but I don’t know who. Two, these are on public display, but I didn’t realize that until just now. So now I have no problems in my heart and mind with sharing photos of things that I didn’t make. They were made for the world to see. Three, my photos do not come close to showing the grandeur displayed at the altar we visited (same location) a few years back. This year did not have the fancy work that impressed us as much the first time.

Many websites about Italian devotion to St. Joseph abound. You can look here for one example.

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