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The We Wilsons thing didn’t come next. I looked at the neat but overgrown stack of denim on my bedroom floor and thought I should work on a jeans quilt. My time would be spent more wisely reclaiming the floor space in my room than cleaning with a duster mitt. Some of the jeans were outgrown or worn out three years ago. Yes, that makes for a large pile. At least the carpet beneath will be clean.

Among the many pairs of jean, most with holes in the knees, I found a pile of 8″ strips, all different widths, cut and ready to sew. I had to make more strips. Here is the trash can of scraps. Blogger nicely rotated the photo for me so I didn’t need to open my photo editor 🙂

I decided to aim for 60″ x 98″ final dimensions. A flat twin sheet is 66″ x 96″ and I plan on using a flannel sheet for batting and a cotton sheet for backing.

I have one 60″ row of strips finished. I am not attempting any color schemes, no matching seams and blocks. The strips will just fall where they want to be. Skinny and wide strips and dark, medium, and light colored strips will all be mixed together. A few strips will be multicolored — work that I piece together with the smallish bits of reclaimed fabric. That’s my version of flair.

I’ll put progress reports here as I slowly get things cut and sewn together. No plan for the final quilting process. I have to think about buying a walking foot vs. tying. The challenge in the walking foot lays in the fact that I have no pattern and no square blocks sewn in an ordered layout. They are random, so I cannot quilt diagonal lines through the blocks. I am entertaining the idea of quilting the perimeter of random strips. That would require a walking foot. And more flair.

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