Did list

not a to-do list, but past tense, a ‘did list.’

Since the kids have their dual enrollment classes (art and science) until June, we’re still tied to a loose school schedule. We’ve learned about Japan closing itself off to foreigners (we think there used to be urban legends like, “My grandpa once saw a white person!”) and are reading _Hachiko Waits_ aloud for the second time in GAIN Academy’s existence.

I thinned my purple coneflowers. I started with one plant, and now have five. You seriously cannot tell that I removed plants. I also put my lambs ear (Stachys “Big Ears”) up on centraliowaplantexchange. Bartering rocks. The irises that I mentioned yesterday (at least half of them) came through this group. Hopefully the black-eyed susan (Rudbeckia Goldsturm) pulls through for the people I bartered with. It is a summer prairie bloomer, so we will not know for a month or so.

I also figured out where to move the strawberries come July, but with the younger two still using the front lawn for play (thank you homeschooling! at the grand old ages of 8 and 11, I am very pleased to have them play there and still remember how to play), I’m not sure about my idea. We’re limited with all the tree roots in the backyard and the orientation of the lot. I really do not want to use the easement, lest someone think that our produce, lovingly cared for daily, is free for the taking. And erecting a fence for the easement is going too far. I guess I have a month to decide.

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