It’s the Berries

It’s almost like we hate strawberries. Really, we’re just tired of them. Funny, because our last freezer bag of strawberries was half-eaten one week before our first 2009 harvest and everyone was super-excited to have homegrown berries. Now, it’s a different story. Here are leftovers from yesterday, frozen in a pan. I moved them to better storage right after this photo was taken.

After the yard dried out a bit, I picked today’s ripe berries and got this next photo. Despite the tiny slugs, robins, and rabbits taking snacks from the strawberry bed, we’re getting plenty every day. We’re going to be better about our pine needles this year (substitute for straw) around the plants and if it ever dries up around here, I’ll start getting the new beds ready for transplanting. Matt’s dad recently revealed that he now owns a tiller (the same one that made our north side so very nice), so we may use it. I doubt that I’ll prefer the tiller to hand turning since I think the bed will be on the small size. A tiller seems pretty intense (or silly) for what we want.

3 thoughts on “It’s the Berries”

  1. I don' think we could ever get tired of strawberries. I am so bummed mine didn't produce anything this year. I ate 1 little one today off the plant and it wasn't very good. Yours look beautiful.

  2. Harvest fatigue. I had that with tomatoes and apples last year. So much fruit that you just get tired of handling it. I guess a small bonus with strawberries is that they freeze so well!

    Have you ever made strawberry vinegar? I did this weekend with the tops from my first round of "jam berries". Wow it smells fabulous!

    My patch is slowly producing this year but we're still in that "eat more than we bring in house" stage.

  3. I barely get a chance to eat one myself because the kids eat them as I'm washing them! I can't wait to have enough to freeze though. Great idea for freezing them so they don't stick together.

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