Mmmmmm. Sunday, I made a scratch shortcake, home grown strawberries, store bought non-dairy whipped topping. I meant to take a photo, but forgot. It was eaten with no crumbs left — my younger two were comically eating opposite parts of the dessert.

Today, I have crockpot yogurt in the making. I am excited. This was a great deal because I got a free milk coupon at Hy-Vee. I used it to buy Heartland Dairy whole milk (met them a couple years ago, nice ministry in Missouri). Hy-Vee also had a sale for $1/carton Cultural Revolution yogurt (made in Kalona, IA). This all means that I paid $1 for this experiment. If it turns out bad, I didn’t lose a large investment. I hope to mix in strawberries. There was a suggestion to add gelatin, but I don’t do gelatin. Maybe powdered milk. I guess I’ll just figure something out when I get there.

The idea for this came from Simply Food, Nothing Extra. Since I am a lazy person, I decided that the recipe for yogurt at their site was not for me. Thermometers and scalding, etc. Too much after just canning 7 jars of strawberry jam. The jam, by the way, was declared to be the color of jewels this evening by my youngest child. It does seem to be a brighter red, but I rarely buy strawberry jam since everyone claimed to love raspberry fruit spread the most. So I don’t know if the color really is brighter than the store’s jam. But it made me feel good.

3 thoughts on “Strawberries”

  1. Oh, I'm sure the color is brighter than store jam! I haven't made any strawberry jam this year – am trying to resist temptation! We don't eat nearly as much jam these days, now that my boys are all grown up and away at college most of the year. Sigh.
    I use powdered milk in my yogurt, but I do use a method that requires using a thermometer, then cooling, etc. I'd love to know how yours turns out!

  2. It really is brighter! Homemade stays ruby red while the store bought stuff is more a dark garnet (usually 😀 )

    I've toyed with yogurt but so far its at the idea stage. I'll be curious to hear how your experiment goes!

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