Yogurt Success

No real cool happening photo to share. Crock pots aren’t attractive.

My crock pot yogurt turned out well! I added 1/2 c. dried milk to the yogurt the day after I made it to thicken. I had to drop my daughter off to work at the store anyway (and there were 99 cent eggs), so getting dried milk wasn’t a hardship. My kids do not like chunks of anything in their yogurt, so this could be a HUGE advancement for my family.

I took some sliced strawberries, tossed them with white sugar, and let them set to get the juices to run. I strained this juicy syrup into a cup and added yogurt. The younger kids taste-tested. The older child said it smelled right but didn’t want to take more than a bite. “Just not wanting yogurt right now.” The younger child said it was great. They noticed that the yogurt was thinner than store-bought, but it wasn’t a real big issue.

I took the remaining fruit (icky chunks in the kids’ eyes) and added yogurt to eat for myself. Dairy is easier for me as yogurt, and I like the probiotic/anti-UTI protection.

Straight from the crock pot before adding dried milk, the yogurt appears to be regular, plain yogurt that you would cook with. I will attempt vanilla yogurt (our usual, non-chunk flavor) within a week. The $1 I spent in ingredients was icing on the cake.

Thank you to Simply Food, Nothing Extra for the inspiration and belief that yogurt at home is do-able. Thank you to the Crock Pot Lady for her recipe!

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