Prayer Shawl and a Chair

The prayer shawl. Remnants of Lion Brand Homespun here, in three colorways — Colonial (blue), a small stripe of Antique (red), and mainly Sierra (tan with earth tones). Knitting keeps me busy while sitting on the couch with Mr. GAIN during TV time. Without knitting, I’d be in another room, which bothers me. I’d like to spend my time with my spouse. I love spending time with him, that’s why we married.

Since our new recycling bin came to our garage, we’ve been pressed for space. We moved an old rocking chair out to the garage just before the recycling bin came. This chair has been in Matt’s family since he was young. He’s repaired it a couple times. In order to dispose of it, we decided to have the boys tear it down for the garbage bin. Fun day for them.

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