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Kitchen crafting today. Yummmmm. Five Minute a Day Bread as Sticky Pecan Rolls. I first heard a friend talk about this recipe in 2008. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make these! They are wonderful. The basic boule recipe is just revolutionary for me — it’s consistently good and relatively time efficient. I used hickories instead of pecans since that is what I had on hand. You might remember that our family did a lot of hunting for hickories last October. It’s been quite handy to have a hickory stash in the freezer. I love free and yummy.

The other thing I wanted to talk about is — snakes. How did I ever pass a Fourth of July with my kids and never buy them a pack of snakes to burn? I spoke to dh Mr. TellBlast and N of GAIN about finding only sparklers and confetti poppers at the store, no snakes or morning glories. My youngest asked what snakes were! None of my kids knew what they were. So I found a pack of 36 snakes. The boys went crazy with them after dinner. I managed to save 12 snakes for the girls this weekend (“A” of GAIN is on mission this week). Only boys would plan a “hydra formation” and other craziness. They purposely used the cinder block by the rain barrels for their snakes. It was dry, and close to water should anything go amiss. They were planning! I think boys are underestimated sometimes. Or, if you watched “Bedtime Stories,” you might say “underdemiciated.” They did a great job cleaning their mess, too. Now, for the dangerous part of this post. You can make your own snakes at home! Look at this.

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  1. I have been wanting to do the Artisan in Five for months now, since I wrote the website down after seeing it in a magazine! Is the original recipe on the blog or do you have the book? I've looked around a little on the blog but haven't been able to find it yet. Time hasn't allowed for much searching though.

  2. Heather's Moving Castle

    We buy snakes every year and the poppers. They are well loved around here. Thanks for the recipe link!!! That is right up our alley.

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