Before I got my supplies ready for a scrapbooking crop tonight, I thought I’d get a project started — a wastebasket. As I searched for a new wastebasket to go in our bedroom, I remembered some things for inspiration (besides the idea of not spending any money).

First, a very large basket at the State Fair, made entirely of newspaper. I’ve never seen another one. Uber-leet. (That’s “very elite,” or “extremely cool,” in pre-teen gamer talk.)

Second, a book that I’d gotten years ago, after my pine needle basket phase and before my ultra-short telephone wire basket phase. Mr. TellBlast had found a fantastic price and it has been a good reference book. I have read it intensely at times. It gives details on a few weaving and finishing techniques. Our willow baskets were inspired by this book.

Third, this basket (the tag read, “Floppy Storage”) at a store. It’s made of wide felt strips and trimmed out with small buttons. Definitely not the right shape or size for what I want — it looks a lot like a paper grocery sack. Not that I’ve haven’t used a paper grocery sack as a wastebasket in the past, but I’m hoping for something different. And sturdier.

Fourth, these nested bowls. I saw a blog about crafted pencil cans, little boxes, change/key tray, etc. that someone made out of magazine pages. I tried and tried and tried, but I cannot do this satisfactorily. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. I’m unable to find the original blog, but you can go here to see the same thing. Check out the price that I found.

So we’ll see how my wastebasket progresses. I am also working on a magazine rack for myself — progress is much slower since there is no deadline like Christmas looming big over my head. It’s taken three months and is one third cut out. My business partner loves it. I think she wants to join in the holiday smelting (our word for crafting. Do a search for “Victoria Jackson/Paul Simon SNL Christmas skit” and ypu’ll understand.).

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