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Let’s go backwards to review the week so far. My brother and I surveyed the burr oak restoration project. He’ll need to create a name for the project. Having a place name would be helpful, but we don’t have one. We did, however name the Tree, Burrt.

We found a may apple fruit, which I’ll post to my geocaching blog. We also found a patch of blackberries (they didn’t have any razz) and a lot of gooseberries. The most surprising find for me was a discovery of his, a trillium. I had never seen one until May of this year during a flower walk at the Saylorville Visitor Center. If I hadn’t seen trillium there, I would not have been able to identify the one spotted yesterday. It was not in bloom.

I have also had my thoughts on making an address book craft with my daughters and nieces for three weeks. Here is the prototype. I hope to have them all over for crafting today. I got the idea from Future Craft Collective, which was introduced to me via Craft Corps. I couldn’t find enough of the twine I had hoped to use, so I settled for dental floss. Not quite the look I was going for, but the floss will probably hold better with its waxy goodness.

Lastly, I made a card with the help of my partner Cathy. I had a funeral for a high school classmate’s father. The funeral and the card were not foreseen, and I felt rather out of sorts that morning. I don’t think I could have gone shopping for a card, and I didn’t want to use the funeral home card. I really wanted something handmade, so I leaned heavily on Cathy to help me get it done.

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  1. GP & GM Campbell

    Very nice
    Am one that loves to make personal cards & this one is perfect.
    Love you, Grandma

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