I finished a few projects today and I feel great about it. Being done relieves me.

The first was a quickie — cloth napkins. I had some time after mixing the pizza dough (recipe from _Animal, Vegetable, Miracle_), and I had been going through my fabric stash earlier because I was organizing (shocking, I know). I found a thin flannel that “N” of GAIN had chosen about seven years ago for PJ shorts. Unfortunately, there was not enough to make his size. This fabric has been hanging around for-ever. I measured a gifted napkin from my thoughtful sister at 16″ x 16″ and figured out that I have enough fabric to make two napkins, leaving a nice size remnant behind. I already had the blue thread out, and the lines on the flannel made cutting super easy…. We used them this evening with our pizza.

I also finished my woven wastebasket. I was really held up without supplies. I needed a full sheet of newspaper (a double spread). I found a Sunday paper in my in-law’s garage — score! I now have a finished wastebasket, completed with spray varnish. I feel fairly clever.

I now have one project left, and again, the lack of supplies are holding up progress. I need a sturdy, very thin cord to make a wrist strap for “A” of GAIN’s telephone. I did not realize that this project was on my list of things to do until yesterday, but that’s OK. “G” of GAIN’s quilt has been on the list for months now.

2 thoughts on “Done!”

  1. Gf, you are so stinkin' clever.

    I just love that wastebasket. it's brilliant.

    And green.

  2. A Homeschool Story

    Too fun! Love the napkins, which reminds me that I have a whole package of white ones sitting in my craft stuff that we never managed to decorate…we'll Kool-aid tye-dye them today.

    I keep running out of yarn in the middle of shawls, BIG headache these days, and NO budget (it's school supply and vacation time, a girl's gotta have priorities as a mother of five…sometimes.)

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