Birthday Card

While I was searching for something else, I somehow ended up in the papercraft aisle at Jo-Ann Fabrics. How did that happen?! I took a tear-off idea sheet, thinking of my mother-in-law’s birthday party later that evening. Here’s what I came up with.

Getting rid of scrap paper feels good. I did not need to buy a thing in order to make this card. I already had envelopes and stamps, ink and pens, plenty of paper and cardstock, and my tiny ribbon collection was sufficient. I used my Xyron (1 1/2″ width) a lot and had fun doodling. That little sticker-maker has been one of the best tools I ever purchased.

I’d read some about doodling for scrapbooks, but this was my first try. I doodled the cupcake and it went pretty well. My guess is that freehand doodling is harder when you are used to having an eraser to fall back on.

Card making may be a larger part of my future after this success. I’ve never been great at card making, but I can see how elements from a scrapbook page apply. “Mini-scrapbooks” instead of “cards” might be a better way for me to think.

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