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Well, I’m considering more crazy quilt squares. I found the box of leftover scraps from my crazy quilt. My stash drawers are fairly organized, and I’m not currently quilting. I could have some Christmas gifts in there!

The most important craft project I’m doing now is getting G of GAIN’s comforter finished. We are tying it — me threading the yarn and G tying it. The fact that it is tied makes it a comforter. I had planned a quilt with a cool quilting pattern, but it didn’t work out.

G also cuts the yarn to length. His procedure is to cut 10″ of yarn, then double it and cut the length in half. I don’t know how he came up with that way of cutting, but it works, and we’re both happy with it. We’re about half done with the tying, and I can only do so much at one time. My thumb hurts from threading the needle, not pushing it through the fabric. Maybe by the end of the week it’ll be on his bed.

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