Serendipity, my ears are ringing

I’m patching my older son’s quilt. It’s really wearing out. Sad for both of us. He’s 13 and has had it for a long time. It’s probably nine years old, getting nightly use.

I decided to make hexagons to patch the quilt, remembering my friend Deb. The first time I saw her make hexagons, I remember asking questions like, “Do you leave the plastic in there?” I used paper instead of plastic (sounds like a grocer). Denim was probably not the best choice, but ds chose it. I made it work and appliqued a row of three hexes over the tear in the quilt.

Once I finish sewing, my youngest realizes that the butterfly has emerged from its chrysalis. It’s a girl. We missed it in the twenty minutes that it took me to patch the quilt. After about 24 hours of vigilant waiting, I was way bummed. I’ll post later about the butterfly on my geocaching and nature blog.

Anyway, I patch the quilt and we leave for the fair. Once we’re home, I see that Mr. TellBlast brought the mail inside, and there’s a package for me. How crazy is this? It’s from Deb. Here I am thinking of her, and she was thinking of me! It’s a book cover made from her scraps, inspired by the crazy quilt work that I posted previously. This will totally be used for my note taking with my homeschool group. Thank you, Deb! You rock. I’ve never had a good place to take notes at meetings.

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