knitting update

I ran out of yarn. Prayer shawl is as finished as it’s going to be for a while. I mended a pocket. I made a card. Pretty complicated, too — stitching and three kinds of paper. And a sketch.

I’ve crafted a food dehydrator from cases left over from my Inner Guard. He supplies his group with refreshments every month. Coke cases, Sprite cases, etc. They’re all the same size, so they fit well for this plan Mother Earth News. I already had a can of black paint. My son already had a roll of leftover laminating plastic. I had to buy hardware cloth/screen, but I’d been wanting it anyway. (Unfortunately, I don’t remember the other uses I had in mind for it.)

The great news is that I got permission to pick apples at a local residence. My older two kids LOVE dried apples. They are easy to make, but I’m not thrilled about using the oven when it’s warm out.

The woman who owns the house always has a tree overloaded with fruit. I’ve passed it for three years and finally remembered to ask about it today. She hopes we take everything! After we get a few apples to sample, I’ll determine the future of our fruit-picking at her house.

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