Pocket tissue covers

Here is a tissue cover I made a long time ago. I was wanting to make my own bias tape. It’s yellow striped in this example. You might recognize the main fabric as leftover from the teal pin cushion that I previously made.

I was thinking that if my friend Deb can make these, so can I. Except I didn’t want to quilt it like she did. And I wanted to make my own bias tape. Really really wanted to. And in small quantities. If I was successful making small quantities, then I could graduate to making bias tape in larger lengths. “Start small” was my motto.The pocket tissue cover was born. I had to go buy some pocket pack tissues. (Note: I can’t say Kleenex because that’s a brand, not a product. I can’t say Band-Aid either. It’s bandage. Unless I really have a Band-Aid.) I made a six more covers yesterday.Very fast, easy pattern to figure out. And classier than a wad of tissues in your bag.

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