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Fellow Iowa homeschool mom Darcy is hosting a NOT Back to School Blog Hop. Her final week of the blog hop has a theme of Used Curriculum Sale. Related aside: I typically put trade books, AKA silly-fun free reading books, on BookMooch.My BookMooch name is juliecache, just as it is here.

So what’s for sale? Saxon Math 2 Teacher’s Edition. I’m the original purchaser of this book, with a pet- and smoke-free home. It’s 8 years old. You can see the edges of the pages and front cover are a little worn. No big, or even middle-sized, damage — it’s an adult book. The book is still supported by Saxon Publishers. Meaning, the consumables that you buy will match the lesson plans in this book. $8 + shipping

Saxon uses an “incremental technique” that thoroughly reviews all topics ever learned for retention.We’ve used it successfully with four kids.
I’ll italicize the above paragraphs when there is a sale pending, and delete them when payment is received. Leave a comment if you are interested. I take PayPal!

That’s all I have to sell, so I’ll share a little about our home school. I’m not organized enough to fully participate in every Monday of the Blog Hop. Curriculum plans? School room? Student photos? Day in the life? Argh! I really don’t want to think about that stuff. But I do want to think about someone else having our math book. Its contents have been absorbed into my children’s heads and we don’t need it anymore.

Our homeschool is named after our children, who are in grades 4 – 10. The first letter of each child’s name (out of birth order) makes “GAIN,” which is the name of our homeschool — GAIN Academy! When the kids were very young, each child made an image to represent him/herself and we made a crest. It was divided into quadrants, and each image was placed accordingly.

We’ve always homeschooled our kids using dual enrollment. In Iowa, this means that a child at home has access to everything that a full-time, conventional student has, including 5/7 or 6/8 of the classes offered at the school building.

My oldest is currently enrolled full-time in tenth grade. My younger three are all part-time students at the public school and at home the rest of the time. I’d put a photo here, but my oldest is telling me to wait until the new glasses come in from the store next week. “What is the point of putting up a picture if it’s going to change in a few days?”

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