Crafting last week

We’ve done a lot of crafting this week. I’ll show you this one first. Zamozo really got me aware of getting the kids’ permission before posting their photos here, and I have to say that it has been a very positive move. She is so attuned to “kid thinking.”

So we have this book about pioneer days and created a sturdier apron than the book from an old bedsheet. I saved it because I always thought it would make a nice trim to something. Anyway, it gets worn daily now. It went to Living History Farms, too. (Thanks, Dad and Anita.)

I also spent some time knitting. Getting weekly knitting notes from Lion Brand Yarn supplied a leaf pattern. My camera phone and dim lighting are not a good mix. Sorry. I thought I’d try to make a long necklace. Long has been fashionable for quite a while now, and I haven’t anything really snazzy, so I made this. “I” told me that I could be the Autumn Fairy when I wear it. I wore it to church. We want to see more leaves on it. It will be more scarf-like then, and that’s OK. More leaves should be a good move.

We also had Renaissance Day. The kids each made a ‘stained glass’ pendant. You can see my child wearing hers in the apron photo. It’s a cross, which would be very period. Colored on both sides, it’s very vibrant with the sunshine.

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