crafting interrupted

current crafts got pushed to the wayside as more urgent crafting came. as in, a birthday.

I was working on a really cool  project,”G” of GAIN’s jeans quilt. He finally got all the ties finished, and I was trimming the batting. Then I realized that the quilt can wait. What’s another month? LOL We have a birthday next weekend, and this weekend is super-busy. So I gotta make a gift now. Looking over all of my crap fabric stash, a call to the birthday boy’s mom, and consulting our inventory of floor models, an apron was made. The progression —

‘traced’ with a pair of shears. why don’t we ever say ‘scissors’ when we sew?

hemmed, bias tape in place, pockets sewn down

finished with straps. This is probably a one hour project, but of course, it had to take longer in my house. Why? We needed a new iron. Call me picky, but I cannot sew without an iron. We got our iron as a wedding gift, and I think the thermal stress and mechanical stress of being dropped and knocked over took its toll yesterday. It still works. Some times. I might turn it on and have no heat. Then two minutes later I’ll try again and have steam galore. Enough was enough. I felt that I could spend $15 and have it last over another 16 years. That’s less than $1/year. (There are $60 irons out there!) Here is the new iron. It heats every time I turn it on. 🙂

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  1. GP & GM Campbell

    great 16yrs is good!!! Thank your whole family for coming to the reunion today it meant a lot to both of us. Fun to show off family.

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