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The patchwork star mentioned at sew, mama, sew is extremely quick to make. I bought five yellow calico fat quarters for 79 cents each, cut through them all at once with the new replacement blade on my rotary cutter (why did I wait so long to replace it?), then Bam! Just like that, I had a small pile of puffy star ornaments for my kids. i already had yellow backing (a discounted remnant that I was holding in my stash. i’m very guilty of buying without an intended purpose.), ribbon, buttons, and polyester stuffing. I’ll add a “first initial charm” to each star since my youngest pointed out that four yellow stars won’t be distinguishable from one another, even though each star could have fabric sewn in different orders. as I said earlier, lina must be a genius.
Beautiful things about this pattern:
  • all the leftover fabric (it’ll go into making napkins with a couple old sheets)
  • the short amount of time needed for completion
  • it’s easy to make in different fabric combos, patterns, and colors

Here is my youngest’s first creation, a scrappy scarf, on her own sewing machine:

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