Mmmmmmmmmmm, squash seeds

De-seed a butternut (or any winter squash). Separate seeds from strings. Use a bowl of water if you need to reduce the stickiness of it all.

Drain water. Toss seeds with oil. Any rinse water will evaporate during baking. I find that textbook methods of drying on paper towels just gives you seeds stuck on paper toweling. Spread wet seeds on a pie plate (or cookie sheet, whatever matches the amount of seeds you have).

Toast in oven until they smell nice and look tan, maybe 20 minutes. Sprinkle with seasoned salt. My youngest was extremely excited to know that I had toasted some seeds because of this lovely book:

_Pumpkin Day!_ contains recipes, including toasted (or roasted) pumpkin seeds. I have loved the illustrations (paper bag collages) and the content of this book for years. I think they are charming. My love for this book extends past ten years. I really ought to own the book by now, we’ve checked it out from the library so much.

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