Looking back

We visited the Capitol yesterday, which reminded me of the beginning of my bloghood back in 2007. On a nice clear night almost three years ago, we visited the Capitol with Heather’s family to welcome Scotty and Fiddy to Des Moines.

The west terrace was under construction, being transformed from the huge concrete parking lot into the greenspace that it is currently. We were able to walk up the steps of the building, too, and use the doors that were meant to be a main entrance. Ah, the good old days.
We had a tour guide show us the House and Senate, and I mentioned to Ella that she’d been to the Senate before. On the desk. “Scotty made me do it!”

Gabe considered a “jump shot” off a wall on the west side, similar to what we’d done three years ago, but thought it was too high. The steps were not enough challenge, but the wall was too much. What a great thing to witness the growth of my children and myself.

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